Review & Swatches: Wet n Wild Comfort Zone Palette

Hello again, and boy i am such in a good mood to write! Now i see writing mostly as a therapy rather than a task, every time i write, i feel so much better. I guess that's a good thing for a beauty blogger, right?

So, today i am going to review yet another eyeshadow palette from Wet n Wild that i bought several weeks ago. I have done my review for Blue Had Me at Hello palette, now i am going to review Comfort Zone.


Like i said previously on the Blue Had Me at Hello palette review, it is rather fragile, and i doubt it would be suitable for travelling. I really think they should pay more attention into packaging because the texture of their eyeshadow are sometimes so buttery, it'll be such a waste of products for those with clumsy hands (such as myself).
Comes also with a clear front packaging, this palette made my time searching for the right color of eyeshadow shorter, lol. Not that much, though.

Colors & Pigmentation:

Again, i have to say that i am impressed with the colors and pigmentation for this palette. Compared to Blue Had Me at Hello palette, this palette contains much more colors with buttery texture. In fact, i can hardly remember one color that is chalky. 

I read in someone's blog (totally forgot whose blog it was, duh) that this could be the dupe of the infamous Naked palette. I highly doubt it is. I mean, just because it has many neutral color, doesn't necessarily means it could be the dupe, right? Assuming every palette that has neutral tones as the dupe of Naked palette is just hilariously absurd for me.

The first row:

A muted beige with a frosted finish. This actually works splendid as a highlighter.

 A copper color with frosted finish. Has a slight pink tone in it.

 Dark-golden brown, which by the way is pretty and wearable if you're in a hurry and don't want to do eye makeup that requires blending. Pop this on her own, and you're done!.

Dark burgundy color, it has some kind of golden shimmer in it, which in my opinion is very pretty.

2'nd Row:

 I can't describe the color quite right, it's a "muddy" grey, but not so much brown in it with frosted finish. 

 This one is green with golden shimmer in it, very pretty indeed. I am not so much into green eyeshadow, but it wouldn't hurt to put this on once in a while.

A very dark, almost black, brown. This color has some kind of golden glitter, i can imagine myself using this color for a dark smokey eye.

 If you remember the Blue Had Me at Hello palette has a teal duochrome color which i love abundantly, this is the other duochrome color that i love. It's a red-brown color with teal duochrome. It's so pretty, i can't even ....


Another great palette from Wet n Wild that deserves an ovation. I am very pleased with the colors, and considering the amount of products and colors that you can get with the price, it's unbeatable. But the classic problem with Wet n Wild is always the fragile packaging, which is quite a shame, because i would really love to bring this in my pouch for travelling. But the eyeshadow is very buttery, so much that it is very easy to broke and get mixed up with other colors in the pan.

- great color selection
- great pigmentation

- Very buttery too buttery that it is easily shattered
- fragile packaging

No, but just because ihave too much eyeshadow already. I do recommend this for those of you who is in the learning process of doing self-makeup.


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