Event Report: Kiehl's Holidays Head to Toe Blogger Gathering

Omg, first things first;


Yup, with the final semester exam being over, i am now fully embracing my holiday wohooo!!! so much excited to be off psychology journals and textbooks.

So today i am back with yet another event report that i cannot postponed any longer. 

Ms. Sally, the Product Manager from Kiehl's invited me with another Indonesian Beauty Blogger to attend this event, and of course i was so happy to attend this! 

Remember the Haloween Party that was also held by Kiehl's last October? Awesome!

Little did i know that this event was also an introduction to a few of Kiehl's Newly Launched Products for 2013, and to make it worse, i came after the whole presentation was over.


But, worry not! My fellow blogger (who came on time and conquered the horrible traffic jams in Jakarta *bows down*) have already write their report as well, so if you're curious about the presentation content go visit Utotia , Bubblegum Happiness Part 1 & Part 2 , Rommachiato , and Muse's Wonderland they made a very thorough and clear report of the event.

I know what you guys are thinking, "what kind of blogger doesn't provide any information at all, and leaving the job for her fellow blogger instead". I know, i know, but i am going to be very honest with you that i didn't watch the presentation, so i think it would be better if you see it in other blogger's point of view instead of me writing as if i watched the presentation *if that makes any sense to you*.

Some of the products coming out in 2013. Yes, they have bb creams, and i am currently testing this out. Review's coming up!

So basically all of the bloggers are given skin consultations along with products recommendations. I really love this part, because the advisors really paid attention to my skin condition, and picking the best products suitable for me.

This is what happens when beauty blogger squirmed together in a beauty store lol. I think they're discussing over Skin Brightening Exfoliator that works magically!!

See the difference? Nita's left hand is applied with the Skin Brightening Exfoliator, and the result is ah-mazing!

Kiehl's also have perfumes!! This is the Aromatic Blends line, and i LOVE LOVE LOVE this one which is Nashi Blossom & Pink Grapefruit.

They come with Body Cleanser and the Body Lotions, too. Gotta have these babies because they smells so good!

We had so much fun!! Thank you Kiehl's for inviting us all!

The bloggers with the goodie bags we recieved. 


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  1. TROLOLOL Beatrix!!! X'D i look super retarded here! this post cracked me up hahaha, see you at the nest event!

    1. hahahahaha you do look so funny along with miss roma. see you soon!

  2. do you mind to mention their names? ^^ i'm curious who are they.. since they're also beauty bloggers hehe..
    nice post ;)

    1. Dang, my bad! Will mention it asap. Thank you :D


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