Review & Swatches: Wet n Wild Blue Had Me at Hello Palette

Hello, girls! How's life? I hope you find it swell, because right now i am having such a hard time on my life. Do wish me luck.

Anyway, i am going to review Wet n Wild eyeshadow palette in "Blue Had Me at Hello". The palette is raved because of the price and the quality that it delivered, especially the pigmentation.


The palette is quite big, i would say. But not too big that it won't fit in your usual sized makeup pouch. Comes with a clear over view on the front, so you can clearly see the color, not bothering to check the label. What i highly doubt from this palette is the sturdiness. It is very easilly scratched, and i have seen one or two complaints that the palette is not travel friendly as it is so easily broke. For me, if you're being careful upon playing with this, you'll find no problem, but yes, it is quite a fragile packaging.

It originally comes with a dual ended brush, i lost mine so you can't see the brush in the picture. But in my defense, the brush is useless anyway (unless in a very emergency situation like ...... idk, the end of the world? You may still want to look good in the doomsday, so might as well keep the brush)

The back cover of the palette. There's actually a mini tutorial provided about how to use the eyeshadow. But it never try it, because i like to mix and match the eyeshadow by myself.

There are 8 colors to choose from, each is supposedly compliment others. It also has labels embossed (??) into them. Again, i am not ruling myself with the labels, because you can actually play it all the way you like. Just because some color is labelled to be put on browbone, it won't kill you to put it in the eyelid, right?

Colors & Pigmentation:

The first row:

This color is vey sheer, almost unnoticable. It's a white with a hint of silver, i find it a bit chalky compared to other, but i can still work this one.

This one is a silver frost color, the texture is buttery, and the color is very true to the pan. Love this color!

First time i opened the palette i thought this was a dark blue shadow. Not really. It is actually a sheer matte black eyeshadow with blue sparkle jammed tightly, so it looks like dark blue in the pan. Third least pigmented color from the palette, but i still love it because it fooled me once lol.

A matte black!! Finally got myself a matte black eyeshadow. This one is quite nice, a bit chalky and lack of pigments, but i like it because it is true matte, no sparkle, no glitter, no shimmer whatsoever.

2'nd Row

The first color is again a frosted white with a hint of pale aqua in it. Very buttery and pigmented indeed.

This one is the BOMB. It's even worth buying the whole palette just for this color. It's a teal color with a golden duochrome. Love, love, love this color, can't seem to get enough of this.

A dark blue with semi-frost finish. This one is also nice with a buttery texture.

The last color, it's a sheer matte black with silver sparkles. This has the least pigmentation from the rest, and very chalky indeed. 

The first row

The 2'nd row


All in all, it was a very good palette with some colors being so vibrant you have to be careful upon applying, and others are so "meh.." that you wouldn't event bother using. But with this quality and the price that comes with it, it wouldn't hurt you to get one. 

-Buttery texture
-Easy to blend

-Texture inconsistency
-Fragile Packaging


I already did with another version, review's coming up!

Talk to you soon

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  1. maaaakkk mau maaakk tjakep banget ini huhu
    beatrix dirmu sebar racun duniaaa

  2. Hahaha iya nih bagus tapi ada satu lagi tar aku review yaa


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