Event Report: Kiehl's Halloween Party

Right, so before i left Jakarta for a couple days forward, i have to say:


Sorry, but you have to know that mid -semester exam weeks are one of the worst weeks of my life. Not geeting enough sleep, and *this* close to be called malnourished, is actually quite common for university students (or is it just me?).

Anyway, after the Lancome and MAC event, there is one other event to go. There is another one in between MAC and this, but i didn't manage to take many photos, i didn't even bother to make a post.

So we are supposed to be wearing halloween costumes/makeup to attend this event and get some vouchers, but i didn't had any costumes or makeup on. And yet, i am still welcomed and got the gift as well!

I never tried Kiehl's product before because i thought it was so expensive, right? Since it is raved by so many skincare gurus out there, i thought at least i have to know what their best-sellers are, and their products range.

This is the first display that caught my eyes, because all of them is in white, which usually indicates whitening line products, and i was right!!

You know i am such a sucker for whitening/brightening products, these babies keeps drawing me back like they had its own gravity force!

The activated whitening cream, want want want it so bad!

This one is their brightening emulsion. Sorta like moisturizer but in lighter form.

This is the Ultra Light UV Defense with SPF 50 PA+++

Here's the swatch on the back of my hand. It gives me quite a whitecast though. 

 I heard that this is THE BOMB. Michelle Phan uses it, too. (don't know why i feel like i should let you guys know)

The BA said this could be the answer to every girl with dry skin's prayer. Hydrate your face overnight!

I just realized some of Kiehl's products are HUGE! Check out this Ultra Facial Cleanser and Skin Brightening Exfoliator.

Men's skincare! Too bad my boyfie only wash his face whenever he remembers it. 

*Honey if you're reading this, it means that i ask you to pay more attention to your skin. Not that you're ugly. lol*

Baby's care corner! So cute it makes me want to have one right away.


 Ka Carryn, Ce Priscill, Ce Carnellin, and Ka Mada seriously discussing over something and filming it, too.

The famous Creme de Corps. I tried it, and it was really moisturizing! Would be a perfect gift for winter, i suppose.

All kinds of shampoos and conditioner. None of them has a scent that got my attention, though. 

But this one sure does catch my attention once i read the name. Smoothing Hair Pak infused with Argan Oil??? I need this.

I forgot why i decided to take a picture of this Midnight Recovery Eye cream. 

Oh yeah, i was hoping i could buy this for my mom, or persuade her to buy one by herself so i can try it, too.

This is a skin-check patch that tells you the amount of oil in your face

Every Kiehl's counter has this patches, for both cheek and forehead. You put the patches on those area for 10 seconds, and voila, the BA can determine your skin type in a jiffy. This one tells me that my forehead is normal.

Ka Tia from utotia

Via from leeviahan

Ending this post with a very cute and adorable photo of Ce Carnellin's daughter, Celline (Ce Carnellin, forgive me if i mispelled her name). 

She's dressed up as a princess, and looking so cute with 2 candy buckets  on her hand!

All in all, it was a very nice Halloween Party indeed! I finally know some of Kiehl's products, and the BA was so informative, telling me each products' functions.

There you go, oh and i'll be away for a few days, so i'll be catching up, soon. And for Indonesian Beauty Blogger members, did you know that IBB is helding a makeup challenge? I'll be participating in the challenge, so stay tune!


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  1. oww oww owww,menggigit sekali poseku hahaha :P


  2. Looks like a great event! Glad you get to enjoy just having fun right? after going through those mid semester' exam. Exams sucks lol been through it, i didn't like it either.

  3. Via: hahaha pose kamu kan lucu2 terus.

    Rose: it is a great event, i get to know Kiehl's products, and yes, exam sucks!! so happy i finally get through this one tehee

  4. what? Ce Carnellyn ud punya anak? *sama skali ga tau*

  5. Serunyaaa acara kemarin yaa :D
    aku ga dateng karena ada acara birthday dinner temen hikss hiksss
    itu kayaknya seru bangettt >.<

  6. Yessy: hahaha iyaaa ce carnellyn awet muda sih, ga ketauan udah punya celline.

    Ce Irene: iya ce ini acara kemarin hehehe lain kali haruuus ikut, aku pengen juga ketemu ce irene hehe


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