NOTD: Lincoln Stripes

Today's post is a (very rare) NOTD. It's a long weekend holiday in Indonesia, hence i am stuck at home doing nothing, so i thought why not pimping my own nails? It's been weeks since it's left untouched. So there you go.

The base: The Face Shop Nail Color- PK103
Stripes: OPI Lincoln Park After Dark

When applying topcoat, i thought why not add some bling? So i add some rhinestones and ... totally regret it. I Somehow thought it is way better without the rhinestones

What do you guys think?

I really need to learn how to get rid of those topcoat bubbles #sighs

Oh, Happy Eid Mubarak for those of you who celebrates! I don't but my mom's making some rendang and ketupat as always. Holiday + foods = happy me

See you on the next post.


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  1. Great pictures and NOTD hehehe.. i like it, happy eid mubarak ya!

    visit blogku juga ya di

  2. Thank you hana. Going to visit your blog! :)


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