Event Report: Skin Aqua Beauty Talk

opening this post casually, acting like i haven't been gone a long time, no updates.

Today i am going to post an event report on Skin Aqua Beauty Talk that is held on Tuesday, 16'th October 2012 in Tartine Restaurant, FX Lifestyle X'enter.

The Skin Aqua agency invited me by email and i was really excited because this is going to be my first beauty event and the first time meeting other beauty bloggers too! #excitedmuch

So, actually i skipped one class to attend this beauty event lol. Even after skipping a class i am still late wtf. I blame it to the traffic jam and my lack competence of time-management. BUT the Skin Aqua agency is being so cool about it and tells me that they would be waiting for me #glassyeyes Thank you Mas Dien for your kindness and patience (and sorry for miscalled you as Mbak Dien lololol).

First thing first; THE FOOD. They're super nice and i can't complain about a thing. But i was so out of focus and dizzy when i first entered Tartine so i picked anything that looks yummy (actually all of them does) and pick a seat.

As i finally managed to catch my breath (oh yeah i was rather called "jogging" from Gelora Bung Karno Busway Shelter to FX) i take a look around and felt really comfortable with my surroundings. The place is cozy and the decoration is nice, too. #slurpingtea

After dinner, the beauty talk show began! There are 3 keynote speakers; Ditta Amalia and Mr. Furuya Akiyoshi from PT. Rohto Laboratories Indonesia dan Arinda Christy, Fashion and Beauty Editor (who is looking chic as always)

They are mainly introducing Skin Aqua products and the importance of wearing skincare that can prevent us from the harm of the sun rays. 

Did you know that you should also wear sunscreen even if you work indoors? This is because there are 2 types of sun rays; UVA and UVB. 

  • UVA has a long wavelengths (just don't ask me how did i know this, they told me! lol) so it can damage our skin even further, causing skin aging, sun spots, and darkening of skin #horrorface
  • UVB has a shorter wavelengths thus it affects the outer part of our skin, causing sunburns and irritations.
Did you know that using skincare that only has SPF (Sun Protection Factors) only protect you from UVB? In order to protect yourself from UVA, you have to find skincare that also have PA.

You may say; "Nah i work mostly indoors, i don't have to wear sunscreen la, too bothersome" uh huh, WRONG!


This is serious matter, ladies. 

But, worry no more! Skin Aqua knows and understand the hassle of wearing sticky sunblock everyday, thus they invented Skin Aqua with 4 different variations targeted for each skin type. How thoughtful!!

The other variation is UV Whitening Milk with SPF 20/ PA ++. I somehow didn't manage to capture the slide, but mainly it is for those of you who wants brighter skin, because it contains Arbutin #uhyeah

So why Skin Aqua? Personally i am already a fan of this brand, and a dilligent user, too. Even before the event. Hell, i even have one bottle of Skin Aqua for each and every bag that i own so that i don't miss using  it for one day. Talk about being compulsive #rolleyes. 

Skin Aqua is different with other skincare, it acts as both sunscreen AND moisturizer. So say no more to layering skincare when you wake up late and need to rush to college/work!!

And it is very lightweight, as if you're not wearing any sunscreen (which usually feels heavy and sticky) and it can be used as a makeup base! Seriously, what more can you ask from a product, eh?

After being explained about Skin Aqua and it's products, it's games and lucky draw time! Here are the winners.

Miss Kattie won 2 times, so lucky!

Oh, and Skin Aqua also provide some testers for us to try on the spot. 

They also have a Lip on Lip booth (which also from PT. Rohto Laboratories).

LOL stupidest decision ever made; swatching products on the darkest part of your skin. Way to go, dude!

They gave me goodie bags with samples of all the skin aqua products, 2 lip on lip products and a full size of Skin Aqua UV Moisture Gel.

Oh hello, i've found you a friend. You won't feel so alone i promise you because there are plenty others! lol

P.S. The torn and dirty one is mine
P.P.S. I bought that one with my own money
P.P.P.S. i think it's quite obvious, why am i still writing this down?

Abruptly ending this post with an (almost) artistic photo i managed to shoot at the Beauty Talk

It was so nice meeting other Indonesian Beauty Blogger, and OMG they're so pretty (and handsome ehem) in real life! Special thanks for Miss Katie and Miss Emily for being so awesome and letting me join their table :*

Oh and big massive thank you for Skin Aqua for making this awesome event, and Mas Dien for inviting me. 

talk to you guys, soon

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  1. Photonya bagus beatrix ;) suka hasil jepretannya :)

  2. Aaaahh terimakasih.. jadi malu ihik ihik :)

  3. itu swatches lip on lip yg apa ya?? aku uda cari" kok ga ada keterangannya.. T^T Apa aku yg dongdong ya?? keren foto"nya.... >,<

    new follower here.. <3

    come and check my blog if u don't mind... :*


  4. waaah sayang kemaren ga sempet kenalan :( padahal aku nyariin kamu loh -___-

    see you soon!!

    mels a.k.a Meylisa Agustina at pandapavillon.blogspot.com

  5. Aprilia: itu watercolour nourishing lipstick. thaaanks :)

    mels: aduh jadi malu dicariin hahaha aku melipir-melipir soalnya jadi mungkin ga keliatan lols

  6. beatrix :)
    aku suka sama foto embun di gelasnya. ada aja idenya deh.. #jempol

  7. hiii Beatrix, it's me Dien, thanks for the report !!! semoga di event berikutnya kita bisa jumpa kembali yaaa... :) see u then.

  8. Thank you mas Dien for the invitation yaa. Yup, see you on next event! :D

  9. Beatrix!!

    Hihihi, foto kamu bagus-bagus yak T_T


    mampir-mampir blog aku yaaak, udah aku follow blog kamu :3


  10. Ihik ihik ihik makasih ka tiaaaa :*

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