Event Report: Lancome Beauty Blogger Duel

Hello girls (and maybe boys).

So, before this become a very late post, i thought i should make this event report right away, because it's never good to procrastinate in anything, right? Besides, you know i have the tendency to forget tasks easily. Hell, i even forgot my mid-semester exam schedule last time! #slaphead

The event took place at Seibu's Premium Lounge, Grand Indonesia last saturday. Being late for the Skin Aqua Beauty Talk last time, i actually went ahead of time. This results in me being the first person arrived at the venue lol. This is actually a beauty blogger duel between Marsha and Carnellin. They both create 2 different looks, and both of them i must say is very creative and inspiring!

You know what, i'll just put pictures that i managed to shoot at the beauty event, because i'm a believer that "a picture worth a thousand words" or something like that and beside i am somehow being unable to write long sentences right now, fml.

 This is Carnellin's model for the day. She chose a whimsical fairy theme which by the way looks very pretty, added the fact that the model is very pretty, too. Oh yeah, this look is not done yet. You'll see the final look in minute.

 This is Marsha's model. She chose Marie Antoinette for the isnpiration, with pale skin and pink cheeks. Hey i just realized  that the MUA is looking rather angrily to Marsha, don't you think? lol

 The MC is explaining Lancome's Subtile Rose blush (if i am not mistaken, so sorry i had a lot in my mind). It has 3 colors to choose right, you can use per color for specific area, or swivel it altogether to get a beautiful color blend. Me likey!

Marsha's adding some faux roses to represent Lancome. Clever, right? And also i think it is quite parisienne and quite true to represent Marie Antoinette herself.

 The Final Looks!

And the winner goes to..

*drumrolls and audience holding their breath*


Oh, of course i have to capture her glorious moment, so Marsha if you're reading this, you're mostly welcome. lol

Eh, but it's not so glorious moment for the model. Ah, she had had her time.

Both Marsha and Carnellin recieved gifts from Lancome. Congrats to both of you!!

The props used. I can't stand it, i have to take a pic!

All in all, the event was so enjoyable, and of course i love meeting other beauty blogger, too!

Ka Tia from utotia and Miss Roma from Romacchiato

And of course, yours truly. Please stop looking at my belly!

Stay tune, ladies, because i have another event report coming up, and you'll be sure don't want to miss this one out as well!


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  1. wuaaaa ada aku di blog post kamuu ^_^


  2. wiiiiiiiiiii cepetnyo!

    kenapa semuanya pada posting satu-satu ya u__u

    mels at pandapavillon.blogspot.com

  3. Love this event! Glad u all have fun! Wish i was there! I would love to meet you guys.

  4. Ka tia: hihihi iyaa

    mels: nanti kalo ditunda aku suka lupa, darling huhu

    rose: thanks! i would love to meet you as well

  5. beatrix foto2 nya bagus banget! hehehe thank u yaa buat postingan ini, jadi ikut ngerasain serunya walopun aku ga kesana hehehe.. Follow ur blog already, visit2 punyaku juga ya di http://beauty-chica.blogspot.com/

  6. hana: thank you darliiing :D #kiss


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