A Quick Event Report: MAC Marilyn Monroe Collection Launch

In the same day as Lancome Beauty Blogger Duel, MAC also held an event. So, right after the Lancome event ended, some beauty bloggers go right into MAC counter at Seibu, Grand Indonesia. I was about to go home, but i thought i should at least take a peek of the event because come on, it's MAC!

And i am thankful i didn't go home. I am a bit familiar with MAC products. I use their brushes (given to me as a gift) and own one, i repeat, ONE single eye shadow and it is my utmost precious eye shadow ever. In bahasa, i am in a state called "NORAK". So, given the opportunity to take photos and swatching products on MAC counter without being bothered by the BA watching me as if i wanted to steal something, i surely say YES. This somehow brings me such joy i can't quite describe (NORAK, i knooow!)

So, the Marilyn Monroe collection consists of :

1. Marilyn Monroe Large eye shadow
2. Lashes
3. Marilyn Monroe False Lashes Mascara
4. Marilyn Monroe Penultimate eye liner
5. Marilyn Monroe Penultimate brow
6. Marilyn Monroe brow finisher
7. Marilyn Monroe eye kohl
8. Marilyn Monroe lipstick
9. Marilyn Monroe Dazzleglass
10. Marilyn Monroe lip pencil
11. Marilyn Monroe powder blush
12. Marilyn Monroe beauty powder
13. Marilyn Monroe nail lacquer

All of them are pretty, all of them has the photo of Marilyn Monroe on its packaging. The MAC MUA (forgot his name, ugh! i did try to remember though!) is recreating Marilyn Monroe signature style on a model which i have to say, does look like Marilyn but she can't quite replicate her. Guess Marilyn style isn't easily replaceable.

The Marilyn Monroe Collection 

I managed to catch a swatch photo of the lipstick on Ka Tia's hand. The colors are pretty vibrant.

I am loving the model's tattoo on her middle finger. I think it's arabic, i wonder what does that means. #salahfokus

The MUA and hey look the model's eyes are half-closed! #duh

Lipstick paradise Wanted to swatch it all, but i managed to restraint myself from doing so.

Blush, blush, blush, and more blush.

Now this is important. I TOUCH one of MAC's eye shadow and here's the swatch on my hand: ULTRA PIGMENTED. See? I'm not selling you bulls, their products are awesome ( no need to advertise much since they are so well-known ).

Okay, i am ending this post right now because this turns out to be a MAC Counter Inspection rather than an event report.

Stay tuned for a REAL, much more SERIOUS and PICS HEAVY post.

P.S. Please bear with me, i am *this* close to end my mid-exam week.


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  1. Ah the marilyn monroe's collections! You know when this particular collection launched online, it was sold out in half a day! Then, a couple of weeks later, it launched in store, sold out pretty much within a day! Everybody wants this collections. Check out on ebay, the prize was ridiculous! I managed to get some but man, it was a pain trying to make sure I did get what I want lol.

  2. Marilyn Monroe surely a legend! Everyone is craving for these products to feel they are resembling Marilyn Monroe herself. I love them <3

  3. Rose: omg! really? i wonder what makes it so raved, i guess marilyn monroe still has her own charisma in the world of beauty!

    Ce Irene: Yes! and the packaging is nice, too!


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