Review: NYX Rouge Cream Blush in "Natural"

You guys remember how i love my Benefit Chacha tint, right? I love it to the point where i ALWAYS wear it, everyday, everywhere. This blush suit my skin tone very well, and it is really pigmented. I only need a few dots of this, and voila! I am ready to go. And many more reasons to add my love for this product, except one thing; IT IS EXPENSIVE. #ohmylife

Since i wear it everyday ( and i mean EVERY day ), my chacha tint is running out, and with the kind of economic situation that i am in, i highly doubt i would repurchase. So my journey to seek chacha tint replacement begins! 

I don't use powder blush for everyday use, i just don't. It looks somehow unnatural, no matter what brand or shade that i use, it still looks like i am putting on makeup. Here's the thing, my motto for makeup is "EFFORTLESSLY BEAUTIFUL". You can laugh if you want to, but there i said it. I want to have a blush on that made people asked me "Why are you blushing?" instead of "Nice blush on you have there! What shade is it?".

Powder blush on tends to be.... well, powdery on my face. I want to have that glow ( not shimmer ) and flush of color on my cheeks at the same time. It is so hard to find a products that fits into those qualification and doesn't cost a fortune. Until i found NYX Rouge Cream Blush.

It starts with gossmakeupartist's review on this blush, and he said that this product is awesome. Check out his video down below. *btw he's my fav makeup artist on YouTube*

Then, i stumbled into Stella Lee's post on the very same blush, too. The color looks pretty and it looks fun, so i decided to give it a go. I was torn between "Glow", "Tea Rose", "Natural", or "Tickled". But my decision falls to "Natural" because it seemed so pretty and i thought it suits me well.

So i contacted ZATURA SHOP and place order. I had to wait for about 2/3 weeks ( didn't really count ) and finally the package arrived. When i went back home, i found the package in my room and when i grab it, i feel that there's something wrong immediately because the package shaped like a pen, while the blush itself comes in a round package. When i open it, tadaaa i found NYX Lip Plumper in Scarlett which is not what i order.

I ask zatura what happened ( not angrily, mind you!) and the staff apologized to me like a hundred times, she apparently send the wrong item to me. The staff apologized over and over again, but actually i was being cool about it because well, shit happens. I know zatura has hundreds of orders to take care of, and people made mistake everyday, so i totally understand when things like this happens ( i usually go crazy and all, but the staff was so apologetic, it makes me feel bad abt myself lah lol ). The staff at Zatura Shop was really nice and responsive, with the best deals around, too. *note: this is purely my personal opinion* 

Okay moving on to the review!!!

 The blush come in a handy packaging with a clear plastic top. Perfect for makeup bags!

They spell my name right! (others usually don't -__-")

The color look so peach in the picture when it is actually more into pink.

What i like:

Handy and sleek
SO CREAMY! Like crazily creamy.

What i dislike:
Sadly i chose the wrong shade for my skin tone
Doesn't stay for a long time

If you're interested in trying this blush (which i hope you do, because it's awesome) you can buy it at Zatura Shop for 78K IDR (if i am not mistaken lol). As far as i know they sell original NYX with cheapest price aroud, do pay visit to their web!

Even Mr. Boo loves to carry it around lol

Have you tried this blush? What's your fav cream blush? Let me know in the comment section below!


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  1. What the prob with the shade, too dark too light or not befitting your undertone? I have one too in Golden :D and I truly love it

  2. Hello Jane, idk, i think i should find something more bright, because the pink color in "Natural" is a bit subdued. But i've come around a way to make it work! This actually gives a healthy looking flush on my cheek :)


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