Chizu Saeki Method

Recently i have been in awe with Japanese skincare including Hada Labo, and Skinaqua. They are so beneficial and simple, have been making my face looks dewy and healthy looking. I swear by Hada Labo and its products, my cheeks have never been this chewy! I literally can't stop touching my cheeks or checking myself out whenever i happen to pass in front of a mirror.

Being a skincare freak as i am, i was looking for another Japanese skincare products that does further wonders to my skin, and then i found this Chizu Saeki Method.

Chizu Saeki is one of remarkable skincare guru and writer that ridiculously looking youthful instead of her age (60+ something). Been in  the skincare business for more than 30 years, she is one hell of a skincare guru. She has a beauty salon (Dore Ma Beaute) which waiting list goes over to three years, and a best selling skincare book. She's encouraging positive and happy thoughts during skincare routine, and the usage of your own skincare. In short, she's the type of grandma i wish i had.

This post is specially dedicated to one of her awesome method (from among thousands of them from her book "Japanese Skincare Revolution") called The Lotion Mask Method (but for the ease of writing it, we'll call it 'Chizu Saeki Method' or simply 'this method' lol).

Basically what Saeki is suggesting is using your own (CLEAN) hands to put products on your face, and she's not persuading you to buy other skincare, but instead, she's encouraging you to use the skincare that you have already own (which is the main reason i try this skincare in the first place).

What is Lotion Mask? You're basically taking a cotton pads, put it into water, press the cotton pads with both your hands to remove excess water, and put on non-alcohol toner on it. After that break the cotton pads into thin layer and put it on your face from your forehead, to left cheek, right cheek and chin (in that order) and leave it for 3 minutes (or more, because once you try it, you'll want it to stick into your skin all the time, it is so relaxing!).

This is the video of Chizu Saeki Method

Me? I have been using this method for about 3 weeks and it does MAGIC!!! Pore are barely visible, skin tone is visibly brighter, skin is so much smooth and dewy looking even without makeup. My advice, try not to use too much toner, and make sure that your toner is alcohol-free. Don't leave the cotton mask for too long either, Saeki herself recommends leaving it for 3 minutes.

oh, hello cotton monsta

These past few weeks i have been using regular cotton pads along with my Hada Labo Shirojyun whitening lotion to do this method, but i also have tried using baby wipes. Doesn't make much difference, but i prefer using cotton pads because i feel that the thinner the mask that you made, the better (this is purely my personal opinion). Usually if i am feeling a bit fancy, i wash my face with warm water before dong this lotion mask, and afterwards, i continue with my usual skincare routine. I do it twice a day (if possible) in the morning and night. Doing this method in the morning really helps your skin to look fresh and makes your makeup adheres better.

The picture below is taken with my ipod touch camera and edited with camera 360 only to add filter.

i swear i didn't photoshop the skin!!

Would i recommend you using this method? DEFINITELY!!
Would i continue using this method? ALL THE TIME!


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  1. wow! worth to try nih...simple routine skincare.great post^^

  2. Yova: yup! bahan bahannya juga pasti udah ada dirumah, kapas biasa sama toner aja. tapi pake toner yang alcohol-free yaa, biar ga iritasi kalo didiemin di muka hehehe

  3. Wow!! Looks like a really awesome product!! I love how amazing ur skin looks. I need to really try this. Thanks! AWESOME post

  4. whoaa, nice info!! ^^b

    tapi btw, stok kapas di rumah pasti bakal menipis drastis kan yah? -_-a

  5. Rose: awww thank you! *blushing* and yesm you should totally try this method!

    Last Daughter: hahahahaha iya nih tapi aku kadang pake baby wipes yang steril, cuci sebentar, terus digunting buat bolongan mata, hidung dan mulut. lumayan buat gantiin kapas kalo abis

    thank you all for visiting and reading!

  6. blog walkiingg

    waaaaaaahh kulitnya baguusssss,

    I have read your post regarding beauty daily routine, tapi waktu rajin csm an ini pake apa aja ya???

    1. Thank you :) beauty routinenya same as always kok, hada labo arbutin series sama the skin food grape cell white series. Tapi csm ini efeknya ke pori2 yang rapet dan kulit yang supple gitu

  7. aku punya bukunya :p tapi masih bingung mau pake toner apa heheh. Karena pernah pakai hadalabo ga cocok :P

    1. Waaaaa potokopi doooongs :p udah coba lymph massage nya? Katanya bagus tuh.

      Cobain pake air mawar atau green tea aja, tapi aku belom pernah coba sih hehe

  8. aku juga sukaa.. btw satu kapas bisa kamu bikin sampe brp lembar? suka susah nih bagi2 kapasnya.

    1. Bisa sekitar 3/4 lembar gitu. Makin tipis makin puas rasanya, walaupun emang aa susah sih hehehe

  9. Woow!! It's very easy and affordable! But the result is GREAT!! Thanks for sharing ^^

    1. Yes it is!! You're welcome :)

      Thanks for visiting my blog

  10. wah, kamu pake kapas merk apa?
    soalnya kayaknya kapas punyaku ga bisa dibagi lbh dr 3 layer, pasti sobek :(

  11. putri : akuu pake kapas biasa kok, aku lupa mereknya kalo ga salah "Selection" yang bungkusnya bening ada gambar bunga nya. kadang pake kapas alfamart juga, yang warna biru. pelan pelan ajaa terus agak dicubit cubit manja gitu hahaha

  12. nice to know
    but seems too much to do in the morning before makeup....i am so lazy....i always wake up late and in a rush for work


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