A Fresh Breath of Air and Mini Korean Sample Haul!

Phewww.. What a long and hectic holidays it has been!! Sorry for not updating it for so long, as i was terribly busy,and my camera  is being lousy these past few weeks, i don't know what's wrong with it!! 

Anyway, the reason i didn't blogs so much (as a matter of fact, did not blog AT ALL) was the fact that holiday giving me a massive breakouts! Pimples and zits are coming out of nowhere, i even refuse to go out of my house. Thus, i avoid swatching or reviewing products since i want to heal my skin before college days start.

Huh? Oh yeah my skin is getting better by the way, thanks to Chizu Saeki Method that i recently discovered. I would make a post about it if you're interested in knowing this method further. I also have been using Aztec Mask and Argan Oil on my face, all of them will be reviewed in separate posts, so if you're curious, stay tuned, ladies!

What am i going to post today? Well i actually just want to say hello, making sure you guys know that i am still alive, and (hopefully) still blogging. And i also did some mini hauls for korean samples!

You know, i have never been a fan of korean thingies, i mean i get it, the girls are unbelievably cute and impossibly slim and slender, while the boys are freakingly handsome. But you should know that their skincare line are awesome! Being a newcomer to Korean skincare products, i am trying to be smart and buy samples of their products first. It costs almost to nothing per item, so i thought, why not?

Since it is so cheap, i went (a little ) crazy upon buying the samples hahaha. So what did i bought? Well..

1. platinum grape cell white essence 4pc
2. skin79 vital bb cream 1pc
3. skin79 snail nutrition bb cream 1pc
4. etude moistful white first essence 1pc
5. skinfood grape cell white sleeping mask 2pc
6. etude nymph aura volumer 1pc
7. skin79 hotpink bb cream 1pc
8. skinfood gold kiwi serum 4pc
9. skinfood aloe bb cream 1pc
10. skinfood rice mask 3pc

All of that costs me about 95K IDR for 19 pieces of samples. I also want to make some reviews on them, but i don't know which one should i review first. So the decision is on YOU!

Tell me in the comment sections below, which product should i review? The product can be the one you always wanted to try but never have the courage to buy, or simply because you're curious about it.

Sorry for the bad quality, taken from my ipod touch camera.

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  1. Do the fresh apple sparkling pore cream!!

    Oops it wasn't listed.

    Can I still ask for it though???


  2. beli dimana? Fresh sparkling pore cream pleaseee~

  3. I don't know any of them but if I have to request on a review, i would say the rice mask.

  4. @sekar and sabrina. Ooops the list was made upon my order, while the sparkling pore cream was a bonus lol.

    @rose. this mask coincidentally is my favourite mask so far. will post a review about it too!


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