Review: L'oreal True Match Foundation in Nude Beige

Heyho, i am back with another review. This time a foundation review. Now you have to know that i am not so much a fan of foundations. Maybe this is because i cannot find that perfect foundation that really match my skintone like a second skin, or maybe because i feel like powder alone is more than enough for me since i (used to) have (almost) flawless skin. I DID! And now thanks to hormones, stress, and shitloads of college assignments, i have acnes, and acnes scar which is gruesome, you'll see in a minute.

This is not going to be a long post, i want to keep it as short as possible, and cut out the craps that i used to blabber about, so here goes the review!


For a 30ml worth of products, this foundation is rather sleek, i would dare to say. It fits well to most makeup bags, and comes in a thoughtful pump up glass bottle. 

It has SPF 17 and Hyaluronic Acid. Is it just me, or now all makeups use this hyaluronic acid into their products?

The shade is nude beige, and i thought it was perfect for my medium skintone. Or maybe it is? Keep on reading!


Texture wise, this foundation is more on the runny side. Sure it is easier to apply, but if you have clumsy hands like me, you can easily spilled this foundation unknowingly. I think it'll works best if applied with duo-fibre brush / stippling brush (which i absentmindedly left at my rented room).


Okay let's see what this foundation can do, and how it looks like when applied to my skin. 
My current skin's condition is definitely not at it's best. It's that time of the month, and i was super busy these past 2 weeks (hence the lack of blog updates, sorry) stress got me few acnes that frustatingly annoying. But on the bright side, these acnes and zits can show you the coverage power of this foundation #positivethinking.

bare skin #ew

Thin layer of foundation. Covers the acne's redness and some small zits, but doesn't make my face as flawless as i wanted to be.

Foundation applied thickly. I can see that it is a bit caking up, but i still see a hint of dewy-ness on top of my cheek. 

This product is good. Not the best, but i would keep using it anyway. The shade fits me well, but it gives a hint of white cast on me. Perhaps it's the SPF 17? About it being cakey, i can't really blame the product since i apply it using my bare fingers. Maybe if you use stippling brush and a good primer beforehand, it'll be better.

Coverage? Well i've seen better, but yeah this would do just fine for me. All in all, it's a product that i cannot decide whether to hate or love. :/


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  1. sepertinya rada berminyak yah >.<,btw gampang luntur gitu gak,kan suka ada tuh foundation yang begitu :(


  2. hahaha keliatannya berminyak ya? aslinya ga loh. waktu aku pake dan keringetan sih iya luntur. aku masih lebih suka pake bb cream


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