Review: Hada Labo Ultimate Whitening Face Wash

I have a HUGE thing for skincare products that claims to whitens or brightens my skintone, and easily falls for the advertisement. Yes, i have a slight obsession to be fairer in any kinds of way, but not those weird cream thingies, though. One of my friend use it, and she's right now looking so ghostly, with her eye areas still dark and not to mention her lips, totally not matched to her skintone. AND don't forget how different her face and body's tone looking from the distance! *shivers*

So, yes i am a whitening skincare freak, but no, i would not plunge into such desperate decision as to buy those creams with its unknown ingredients. 

And that is just the time when Hada Labo arrives in Indonesia. Heard so many good reviews, not to mention the ads and demos on YouTube, making me decide to spend a little amount of money to buy this product.

I bought the Shirojyun series (which stands for brightening? Idk, my japanese sucks, despite 3 years of learning them in High School) which includes their Face Wash and Moisturizing Milk. Sadly, i cannot find the night cream from Shirojyun series, and being in desperate need of a good night cream, i decide to buy the  night cream from the Gyokujun (have i spell it right?) series. 

So, i would like to review these products one by one, in case you're a namby-pamby beauty freaks like me who likes to mix and matches not only colors but also skincare routine.


The face wash itself comes in a blue tube packaging with japanese words scribbled in the front section. It claims to "Removes dirt, provides moisturizes & brightens skin for bright clear & supple skin ". We'll see about that, mister. On the back, there are instructions written in bahasa. It states that High Purity Arbutin, Whitening Extract and Hyaluronic Acid are three main ingredients in this face wash that helps you to achieve that bright and supple looking skin. 


I actually took a picture of the face wash's texture, but i somehow lost it during editing process. Meh.. Anyway, it turns out you only need a very few amount of products to create a heap amount of lather in your face. Me likey! Usually i only use half a pea-sized of this face wash, and that is enough  to cover my face AND neck with enormous lather.

I actually was a little bit worried about the lather, because i thought it would give me massive breakouts because of the sebum contained in the face wash. But thank heaven i did not suffer that breakout, but i notice several whiteheads and little bumps on my face. I have never been able to completely get rid of them anyway, so i guess i should be thankful this face wash didn't make it worse. 

It is colorant and fragrance free, so yeah it is just a plain white and unscented face wash. IMO it is quite boring leh, but for the sake of brightening my face, it's not a problem!

Does it do what it claims?

I was not astonished nor disappointed by this face wash. It does clear my face from dirt and impurities, but so far i have seen no changes in my skintone. Sure, it doesn't leave you with that squeaky-tight feelings that you usually have after facewash, but hey my Clean and Clear daily pore cleanser doesn't leave my squeaky-tight feelings either, and it is much cheaper, so i am expecting something more in this product. It moisturizes my skin a bit though, i notice that my face is looking a bit plump and healthy after every wash, but that's about it.

Updated: I know it is still premature to say this, but i notice that my face is getting slightly fairer after using this face wash along with the moisturizing milk for a month. Sadly, the changes are barely noticeable, so i thought maybe my mind is playing tricks on me, convincing myself that buying the (almost) whole series is a good decision. *sighs*


YES. Turns out this products fit my oily-combination skin very well, it doesn't adds the amount of whiteheads on my face, and doesn't break me out. I also love how plump and healthy my skin looks right now, and how easy it is for me to put on powder without foundation beforehand. LESS MAKEUP USED! Yay!

That's my review, and oh i bought it at Watsons Kelapa Gading for Rp. 25.000,- if i am not mistaken.

Have you tried this products? Tell me what you think of it!


PS. sorry for the lack of photos, my DSLR is acting weird this week :/

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  1. uuhhmm haven't try it yet :D
    still using ponds :P
    thanks for your review !

    for, everyone else, don't forget to join to win this cutest belt ever!
    xoxo, we are waiting for you participation :)

  2. ponds was my first face wash ! But i feel like it just cleans my face, doesn't really changes anything lol.
    If you have dry skin, i really recommend the gyokujun series.
    Glad you like it :)

  3. nice review :) i might try this facial wash later hehe
    aahhh you learned japanese in your high school? nicee lorr..

  4. Thank you :)
    Do try this facial wash, it is awesome! (at least for me)
    Yeah, but i forget all about it once i graduated lol.
    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  5. Hi, I've tried it. This one is unscented and non-drying in my opinion. But for my oily-combi skin, I have to use more amount to get my face perfectly cleansed.


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