Review: Hada Labo Ultimate Whitening Milk

Hello, decided to change my blog's layout because i cannot stand the fonts anymore. Don't know why i chose the template in the first place. But i am hoping for a feedback, though. I was wondering which layout that you prefer? Personally i like this one better, it is much more fresh, and so easy to read in the wide and spacey column, not to mention the simplicity. Or would you prefer the old ones with vines, and latin fonts and stuffs?

Anyway, as i promised you, i am going to review my (not so) newly found moisturizing milk that has been raved all about in Indonesia: Hada Labo Ultimate Whitening Milk.

( IDK about you guys, but every time i put some words bigger and in bold, i have this own horror-themed movie backsound in my head that sounds like "jeng jeng jeng jeeeng.." followed by a creepy creaking sound of a door being opened. Hmmm.. Oh well. Carry on with the review!)


It comes with a flip-top plastic tube in blue (for the whitening series, and white for the moisturizing series). When i bought this, it has some kind of sticker attached to the upper front part of the tube, and when i tear the sticker off, it took away some of the front cover with it :( boo hoo for the sticker!

Doesn't matter, won't affect the products inside. 

Packaging wise, Hada Labo really sticks to their "perfect x simple" motto. I love how it is so simple yet contains useful information on the back. I usually didn't even bother to read a product's description, but this time i do (since they are thoughtfully written in BAHASA, thank you Rohto for understanding us!)


The texture came out much more watery than i thought it would be. Much more runny than your average milk lotion, which you might misunderstood as cleansing milk. It is claimed to be fragrance and colorant free, and i  do believe so. It's not that it doesn't smell like anything per se, but it doesn't have any added fragrance, which is good for sensitive skin

According to the demos i watched in Youtube, you're supposed to PAT this milk to your face instead of slathering it like mad all over your skin. And you're supposed to use only 2-4 drops of the products, and i really recommend you not to go crazy on the application because it is really moisturizing! This is because the Hyaluronic Acid contained in the milk that claims to retains water up to six times more than the amount that you use. WOW. 

The products also contains High Purity Arbutin and Vitamin C (both well known to help brightening skintone). And it doesn't contains any SPF. ........... WAIT WHAT?!

Yes, this moisturizing milk doesn't provide any SPF to protect our skin from the harshness of the sun rays. First, i thought what a waste of money, i'll buy another product that provide SPF next time around. But here's what i discovered;

Asian women prefer a more specific and specialized skincare products rather than an all-in-one creams that claims to do anything in one usage. They prefer to layer skincare and doesn't mind to pay more time in their skincare routine, so that every products works optimal to what it claimed for. This way, moisturizers are really meant to moisturize your skin, and sunscreens are really meant to protect your skin from the sun. 

At least this is what i conclude from most of Asian's skincare line such as SK II, Aquamoist, and Hada Labo. They have so much products ranging from moisturizers, toner, sunscreen, night cream, day cream, essence, serum, hydrating serum, and so on. If you're ready to start your day, don't forget to use sunscreen and day cream that absorbs quickly. But if you're going to bed, skip the sunscreen, and use night creams and serums instead, which is much more rich in ingredients, and takes a tad bit of extra time to absorbs to your skin. By using the right techniques and products, the skincare lines hoping that each products can bring the best out of themselves, giving optimal results to consumer's skin.

Whoa that is a lot of things to read. Hope you read it all and didn't get bored in the middle lol. That is completely my opinion, and if i am wrong in any way, comments and critics are more than welcome.

Back to the review, this milk spreads easily on my face, a little goes a long way, and although it takes a little bit more time than usual moisturizers to completely absorbs to my skin, it doesn't feel greasy or oily at all (i have an oily-combination skin). Instead, my face is dewy and so moist after about one months of usage.

Does it do what it claims?

YES. I notice that it brightens my skin and evening out my complexion. But it is not very noticeable, and takes a long time, too. But what i love about it is the feelings of plump and healthy skin after every usage, i cannot stop touching my cheeks! :D


If i have to, yes. But i doubt it, because after a whole month using this products, it is barely decreasing in amount! You only need 2-4 drops per usage, so 100 ml maybe can lasts you for a year. Totally love this milk.

Have you tried this products? Does it does well on you? Tell me in the comments section below!


P.S. Still working on my camera, sorry for the lack of images T_T

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  1. Hello, there
    nice review^^
    I have oily-combi skin too, I want to try this too but I'm still afraid since my skin is acne prone.
    Well, thanx for sharing the review, just the right info I need ^^

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  3. Thanks for sharing such beautiful information with us. I hope you will share some more information about milk. Please keep sharing.
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