A Shy Comeback and Amends

(small voice) ahem.. hello everyone.

Now i know that i've been gone for so long, you guys can hardly remember who i am anymore (sighs). I've been working as a Sales Promotion Girl at Pekan Raya Jakarta 2012 and i have to tell you that it is one hell of a part-time job! Sure the payments good, and the working atmosphere is awesome, but it is so tiring and time-consuming. Guess that's what work is all about anyway. 

Being an SPG, i have to put on makeups everyday for the whole months, and i can't even tell you how i feel sorry to my skin for receiving such treatment. Luckily enough i don't have massive breakouts like i thought i would have after the job was over. It's either me being lucky or the Hada Labo skincare series that i just bought couple weeks ago and i diligently use (reviews coming up!). Using Hada Labo ensures me that JAPANESE PEOPLE ARE AWESOME. I mean they invent so many weird, but cool stuffs, not only in the beauty section, but generally speaking. I love you japanese people, i am right now sending love to you, and hoping that i could really understand what are you saying since i have no idea of your language (despite 3 years of learning Japanese during High School).

But now that the job is over, and i am stuck in my summer holiday, i am warning you that there's gonna be a lot posts coming!

see you in another post!

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