Tutorial: Soft Brown Smokey Eyes for Glasses

You know, i love wearing contact lenses, but i have seen so many of my friends that suffers some kind of eye diseases after wearing contacts so frequently. Being a coward that i am, i refuse to wear contact lenses everyday and bought glasses instead. Sure it is a drag to bring it everyday, not to mention the space consumed in your purse, but hey at least it's not damaging your eyes furthermore than it already is. Glasses makes you look smarter and sexier too! Although i'm already smart AND sexy, i still wear glasses everyday (self-praise). 

Okay to begin with, first you should prime your eyes and conceal your dark circles. I'm sure you'll have no problem doing so.

 After that, i'm using MAC Paintpot in Painterly to basically give some color base to my eyelids. The texture is also a bit sticky, so it also has double functions as eyeshadow base. 

Now i'm not going to be dictating you with what brand of eyeshadow that i use, because truth be told, i just grabbed random eyeshadows that i have in my huge makeup compartments. What i'll do is just telling you the color, and how i apply it to my eyes.

Just to give you some rough sketch of the colors i'm using, here is the eyeshadow quad that i use. No 1 and 3 is for the entire lid, while no 2 is used for highlighting the inner corners of my eyes.

Using no 1 (a matte skin-tone eyeshadow) and no 2 (shimmery light brown eyeshadow with a hint of peach) i apply it all using my C shaped eyeshadow brush on my entire lid, just to even it out.

Next, i'm taking my blending brush (i'm using MAC 219 brush) and applying a matte dark brown eyeshadow starting from the outer crease, and just working my way inward towards the inner corner. I flick it up a bit to make it look cat-eyed ish, and keep blending it until i see no visible and harsh lines. I also bring it down a bit to my lash line, giving a bit of that matte brown into the outer V. I really hope you understand what i am trying to say. 

Now taking my push-liner brush (MAC 212) i take a bit of that matte brown eyeshadow and line my lower lash line halfway through. I don't want to use black liner because for me that tends to make my eyes smaller. But i don't want to use white eyeliner either, because personally i think it's creepy (or is it just me unable to wear it properly *sighs*). 

After the matte brown eyshadow, using a shimmery white eyeshadow, apply it near your tearducts on your lower lashes. Seriously, this opens up your eyes really well and i was like "Whoaaa check out Ms. Big Eyes right here!!"

Of course you can also adds the shimmering white eyeshadow to your browbone for that drama effect. But if you want to keep it simple, i recommend skipping this step.

Now the tricky part!! I would say this is the trickiest part not because i had trouble wearing eyeliner or making a decent or proper cat-eye look, but mostly because i should decide how long and how thick my liner should be. Here's what i come up with in my mind; the thicker your glasses' frames, the thicker your liners should be. 

You don't want your eyes to be drowned by your glasses' frames, you should make it pop! But please don't go crazy and line all your lids. I see teenagers doing that and they look like my grandmother in my grandfather's funeral, or that fluffy creature from Chinese that eats bamboo all the time (panda, duh).

My glasses' frames are medium in thickness, so i can do a medium cat-eye and this is what i came up with.

Finally, put a decent amount of mascara in both your upper and lower lashes. Don't forget to curl them with your favorite lash curler, and NEVER  wear your glasses while your mascara is still wet. Just don't. Belive me, i've learned it the hard way.  Don't come crying to me, i have warned you ladies. 

No fake lashes? NO. You see, i am blessed with long and thick eyelashes *ehem* BUT i am cursed with a flat nose that can barely holds my glasses to stay put. My nose somehow makes my glasses to be very close to my eyes, so if i put on some fake lashes (even the individual ones) they'll constantly poke the inner side of my glasses every now and then. I can feel it poking through and i hate it. But if you are on the other hand blessed with God-almighty pointed nose, you can use falsies, and thank God for your gift.

And this is the final look!

Too lazy even to put some foundations or even comb my hair, but hell, this is suppose to be an eye makeup tutorial, you guy's don't mind my skin appearance, do you? :P

Oh this is also works well without glasses, in case you guys are allergic to one (is there such a thing?).

What do you guys think of this look? Tell me in the comment sections below!


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  1. nice tutorial! haha, I wore my glasses right after I put on mascara once. It was fine as long you keep your eyes open, but once you blink - BAM! Mascara streaks on your glasses! ckck..


  2. love love! gorgeous!


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