And with this wave, I shall bid thee adieu..

The reason why i haven't been writing any blog post lately is not because the lack of time (usual excuse). Well that, and there are some things that happened these past few weeks.

First of all i had my final semester exams for two weeks, which is a total drag and i wasted most of my time studying my ass off for it. This, ladies and gentleman is what happens when you commit the crime of being a professional procrastinator. I never really review things i learned from class, hence i should do it all over again from the start when it comes to H-1 of the test. It was never a good idea to procrastinate, really. Doesn't works well with anyone i've ever encountered suffering from it, but we love the sensations and feelings of temporal relief, away from duties and works that we should have been doing. That's what makes procrastinating such a guilty pleasure and yes, that's why it is so addictive (am i doing it right, o fellow procrastinators?).

Apart from my poor ability of time-management, i also have a mild impairment of saying "NO" to people. This affects me so much, especially being a college students, they somehow have so many different activities to choose from, and all of them are so interesting. I already have 4 different events to be part of, each of them are very big events, requiring so much time, efforts and sacrifices, not to mention my summer job in Pekan Raya Jakarta 2012. Oh, haven't i told you guys already? Yeah, you're looking at the new SPG of Casio for PRJ 2012!! I am so gonna rock this job with a full-makeup on lol. (i am kidding, by the way.)

The last thing that happened this week, and yes, it still bugs me and yeah, i still weep and in mourn. My boyfie's dad passed away this week.

You may think it's ridiculous to mourn over someone who's not really your family. Well in that case you don't know my boyfie's dad. He was a very heart-warming man, and such a loving husband and father figure. He was so funny too, so that's a plus. And what i really love about him is the fact that he embrace me like i am not a stranger. Though i have been in relationship for over 5 years with my boyfie, i rarely pay a vidit to his house. I am that kind of person that freaks out too much that i will misbehave and do something wrong and just impolite, thus i rarely pay a visit. But when i do pay them a visit, he would have chat with me (not much, for he was not a man of words) sometimes jokes with me. And it's very generous of him

It's heart-breaking to see my boyfie and his mom crying (yes, i weep and cry so much that day, i just didn't want my boyfie and his mom to see). And i can do nothing but support them and helping them in anyway possible. This devastated me, but fortunately my boyfie seems to be handling things well enough.

These are not excuses, i just feels like writing this kind of post today. I'll be working with a tutorial post next, i know you guys can't wait for it (or is it just me being light-headed, i don't know)

See you guys in the next post!


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