What I Wear to College Everyday

No, no, no i feel wrong and deceitful to type the title. This is NOT a tutorial, i am NOT telling you that this is the best way to put on your makeup for College (or work), neither am i trying to dictate you with my makeup stuffs or technique. This post only shows you what are the products that i wear daily (if i have the time to do so) for college, and i admit that the makeup is a bit less on every aspects, and i do have some defenses against this;

  • I am one of those people who always thinks that less is more. This rules applies mostly in times when i put on makeups daily.

  • I sweat like a pig. I also have many activities that may results in sweating, and occasionally panting. Thus, i don't wear much makeup since i'll have no time to do touch ups anyway.

  • My friends rarely use any kinds of makeup to college, so i won't make it hard for myself and be the center of attention by putting thick makeup.

Okay, before this post become too long than it should be, let's start!

  1. Start off with a clean face. I always wash my face thoroughly before AND after putting any kinds of makeup. This helps reduce the breakouts caused by the buildups of the residue of your dead skin cells and makeup products on your face. Use any brand or type of face cleanser that you usually use.

  2. Before doing anything, i prefer to use my contact lens (if i want to) just before i touch any kinds of makeup. This way i can prevent anything goes into my eyes and cause irritation (as i am pretty clumsy). This time i'm using Sally Eyes Lenses in Dark Choco.

    Before and After the contact lens. Pretty scary, totally regret to buy it, but somehow i wear it almost everyday *sigh*.

    Got this from ITC Cempaka Mas, totally forgot the price. It comes with prescription because i have a poor eyesight. Ah and i use Rohto Cool 15 minutes before wearing contact lenses. I usually forget/skip this part, though.

  3. MOISTURIZE! Again, use whatever moisturizer that you usually use. What i am currently using is Citra Pearly White UV Moisturizer.

  4. Foundation. I usually skip this step, though. Even if i do use foundation, i'll pick one with the most sheer coverage that i can find. So far i have been using "Alas Bedak Sariayu" in Kuning Langsat. Matches my skin tone pretty well, but still i usually skip this step unless i want to look like i really put on makeup (if only that makes sense).


    I use my MAC 187 brush which is a duo fibre brush (or might as well known as stippling brush) to apply the foundation all over my face in a stippling motion, starting from the center of my face, working it outwards.

  5. After that, set your foundation with a loose powder. I use either powder puff or my big fluffy MAC 136 brush. That kabuki brush from Ecotools works fine, too. Here i am using my Revlon Microfine Loose Powder in Medium. 


    The package cracked because it fell off my table 3 weeks ago, and perhaps you can see that i am running out of the product :'( 

    I always prefer to use loose powder since they sets my makeup effortlessly, and looks much more natural.

  6. Eyeliner. Skip eyeshadow because i just don't feel like using one. This sounds weird but girls in my college, they wear eyeliners, not eyeshadows. I have been using "My Darling" eyeliners ever since i bought it back there in High School. This is my first eyeliner, and i somehow fell in love. Some people hate it, because it's from China, and they said that China's products aren't trustworthy. And i don't give a damn. It's a good eyeliner, enough said. 

    Lately i found that it's also available in Blue and Brown.


    If you find something dangerous in the Ingredients list please let me know.
  7. Blush!! Now this step, i never skipped, not even once. Putting blush on is just my way to pop some color on my face, since i don't use eyeshadow. My favorite product of course "Cha Cha Tint" by Benefit. I've reviewed it once in here.

Applying it all over my cheekbones, by clean hands. I usually put the products in my hands before i pat it along my cheeks, that way i can control the amount of products used.

8. Lips. I have been a huge fan of "Lip Ice Cheer Colour" by Mentholantum. I have very red (or pink) lip in the center part, and it goes darker to the edge of my lips, which is frustating to find a lipstick shade that matches both area. This products do just right, and i use it everyday.

It's a sheer pink color, nothing too much to surprise your classmates, but you can see the difference after the usage. This would not gives you glossy finish, hence it's not called a lip gloss, but since it's not, then what is it??

And that's about it!! Sorry that i don't post pics of me wearing those products. Zero confidence and self-esteem should be the one to blame. Maybe in the next post?

I am not affiliated with any of the product's company, everything i write is based on the most honest personal thoughts.

What about you? What do you wear daily and cannot live without?


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  1. Nice contacts! They really enlarge your eyes.. O_O
    Hahaha, I just used that Rohto cool on my eyes, like 5 minutes ago..
    Nice post, girl! Semangat ya ngeblognya.. ^^

  2. Most of product u using is indonesian product?


  3. Yes they do, don't they?? Kadang temenku bilang itu serem, tapi di saat yang bersamaan juga cute, dolly-eyed look lol. Bingung harus ngapain, aku pake aja terus :p

    Thank you for visiting :)

  4. @Yevi Ng

    Ah, thank you for pointing that out, and yes, most of them are. I wonder why i didn't recognized it before hahaha. Thank you for visiting :)

  5. aw, nice post!!
    biasa kalau ngampus paling gak harus kudu pake bb cream dan liptint,>.< kalau gak bakal dikira sakit, tapi biasa suka sih make lip concealer doang, biar dikira sakit jadi gak disuruh ini itu. wkwk

  6. I love lip ice too :3
    I also use black circle lens for every day use, IMHO you must wear eye make up at least eyeliner to make the lens looks not too much on you :)
    btw I always go to school/college with : sun block - bb cream/concealer - compact powder - lip tint - eyeliner - mascara

  7. Thank you girls, your comments are so informative, it's nice to know what other people are wearing to college. *kiss*

  8. fotonya setelah step2 ini dong kak ;)

  9. Hi Beatrix nice to meet you! Namamu sama dengan nama adikku :))
    Btw, harga contact lens-nya berapa? cantik banget

    With love,
    http://www.nothingbutlovehandles.blogspot.com - mampir-mampir ya ;)

  10. Medina: hai medina. namamu sama dengan nama pacarnya temenku hehehe eh serius tapi.

    harganya murah bangeet ga nyampe 60 ribu. around 50ribu/55 ribu an.

    thanks for reading my blog!

  11. aku biasanya klo make up ke kampus cm make bedak sm lip ice/lip tint biar klihatan natural xD


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