Tutorial: David Bowie / Aladdine Sane Inspired Look

This is what happens when i read too much psychology books without resting; i do something reckless. Oh well, might use it for something good.

So, in this post i am positively denying my status as a college student. Instead of studying my ass off for Final Semester Exams, here i am, writing this post (which, i tell you is going to be a looooooooong post) with not a single thoughts of tomorrow's exam in my head (sighs).

My dear friend and fellow makeup enthusiast Sarah were asking me about how my beauty blog going on and how does it feels like, writing a beauty blog (since she doesn't have one ...... yet). And this conversation occurs;

Sarah: What, you haven't posted a tutorial post yet??
Me: Yeah, and i have been blogging for 3 or 2 months already.
Sarah: Well make one, then!
Me: Meh! Easy for you to say. Besides, i don't have any idea about the makeup theme.

And the conversation continues until one part when we were discussing David Bowie, whom we heart so dearly, then out of the blue she bombarded me with caps-locked words saying;

Me: Wait, what??
Sarah: Make a tutorial post on your blog, inspired by David Bowie! You know, the Aladdin Sane album cover. I bet it's going to be awesome!!

And that's how this whole thing started. And oh yes i love David Bowie, and yes i am 18 year old, and yeah i definitely born in the wrong era, thank you for noticing.

So, in case you don't know who on earth David Bowie is, go on Google his name, they have hundreds of pages totally dedicated to David Bowie. This is the Aladdin Sane album cover that inspire me to do this tutorial

Pretty cool, eh? Well if you're a big fans of Bowie, or just simply curious of how this thing will turns out, keep reading!

And no, this is unfortunately not something that you can wear everyday, and alas, Haloween is still a long way to go. So if you want to follow this tutorial, make sure you lock the doors and windows.

And NO, i am not naked while documenting this tutorial (duh). I wore some kind of black tube top, just because Bowie was shirtless during the album cover photoshoot, doesn't necessarily means i have to do the same thing.

First, prep your face. Use a decent moisturizer and primer (if you need one)

Second, using damp sponge, apply cream foundation all over your face. Bowie is naturally pale, so if you have darker skintone, use foundation that is one shade lighter that your actual skintone. Here i am using Aubeau True Cover Foundation in Honey Beige and Natural (mixed both of them to create one shade that i think suits me best).

Behold, the Zombie face

Yeah it's too pale for me, but that is exactly what i want, although of course i cannot quite replicate Bowie's skintone merely with foundation. 

After foundation, you want to start roughly sketching the design on your face. Use a cream concealer to sketch, you can always blur the concealer line later. I can't really tell you how to do the sketch, what i did was to copy from the album cover's picture, hence it is not as neat as Bowie's :p

After that you can start filling in the design with red face paint , red eyeshadow (use it wet) or if you were a sneaky person like me, use your lipstick instead.

It's important to have clean lines on the outer part of the design. Use your fine liner brush to achieve the flawless line, and take your time! I obviously didn't, so yeah that's what i get. I use my MAC 209 brush to line the design.

Next is to fill in the whole area (except your eyelid) of the design, still being careful and taking your time.

Now, line the outer part of your design with black gel liner. I am using my MAC 263 brush, which you can easily replace with any angled brush of your choice. After that do the same thing with blue eyeshadow right next to the gel liner. If you have a dark blue gel liner that would be even better. 

Do the same thing over again in the outer part of the design below your eyes.

Now, fill in your entire lid with red eyeshadow. Anything that still shows skin, cover it up with eyeshadow. Do it to your lower lid, and up into the brow, until you meet the lipstick part.

 Also an important step to achieve this look is to contour. Bowie has a quite strong jaw feature, and yet the MUA enhanced it with exagerrated contouring on his cheek. Use a dark brown color to really accentuate the highest part of your cheek using an angled blush brush.

On the side of your face which has design on it, you can stop just near the design, don't go over it, otherwise you'll cause a big mess.

For final touches, i put on mascara and line the lower lid with a bit of gel liner remaining on my 263 brush. Also put some lipstick. Fyi i was trying to do some ombre colored lip like Bowie had in the album cover, but  it didn't show as good as i wanted, so i put some lipgloss and no one would be the wiser.

And this is the final look!

I am not trying to be David Bowie, nor did i say this is the best way to replicate his look. 

Some people cannot just accept the fact that "This is just makeup". Oh well, here are photos of me, camwhoring, something that i rarely do. lol.

It only took 2 squirt of milk cleanser and another squirt of makeup remover to take all the makeup from my face. Thank God i own the top notch makeup remover from Viva.

 Why does my head tilted this way, you would never know :p

What do you think? Let me know in the comment section below!!

Thanks for reading, hope this post helps you in anyway possible


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