Review & NOTD Barefoot in Barcelona

I am so productive lately, don't you think? Well it's a good thing because i get bored pretty easily and based on my experience with previous blogs that i own, i'm not that much into writing.

BUT, i find this time writing as a fun thing to do, like doing sit ups, like a regimen that i have to do every day just because i want to, no pressure, but it adds up a bit of joy to see someone response to my post, or just simply sees my post. What can i say, sometime i find simple joy in life to be very simple indeed.

I love doing manicure on my own nails. Lucky me, i have nails that can be easily polished with nail lacquer. I used to use cheap nail lacquer, while saying to myself; "when you can get something cheaper, why bother buy something much more expensive??". Alas, i was wrong, ladies..

Using cheap nail polish (which you can find almost everywhere now) actually PISSED ME OFF.

  • They took FOREVER to dry, i mean, really! I have to spare a long time to do my left hand manicure, and when i do the right hand, the left hand is nothing near being dry. Pissed me off real bad.

  • They CHIPS in like, what? 3 days?? I am a very active person, which means i have a lot things to do in daily life. I don't want my activities bothered with my nail polish being chipped, and having to remove the rest, then do it all over again. (Did i say they took FOREVER to dry? Pretty sure i did)

  • The colors? Suitable, if you're looking for a TACKY NAIL COLORS like so. Nah, nah this point is totally objective, though. If you love a nail lacquer's color, go ahead buy it, even if they're crazily cheap.

  • They STINKS. Not that the other branded nail polish smells like a flower garden, but i find their scent is not as distinctive as the cheap one, la.

  • Last point to remember; THE INGREDIENTS are unknown. The cheap nail lacquer factory can easily put Arsenik in their products and you'll never know (now that i think about it, can they? Not really sure, la) Now, you may say "You cannot find OPI ingredients either, la!" Hohoho i am very sorry to disappoint you ladies, i may do not know the full ingredients list of OPI nail lacquer, but one thing that i know, since August 2006 they reformulate their nail lacquers to be dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde and toluene free. What are those? Let's just call those three chemicals are bad to your health, and if you really want to know check here. Can you guarantee that those cheap nail polish are free from those three bad chemicals? I don't think so.
Ah you could guess already what nail lacquers that i have been using these past few weeks. Yes, please welcome "Barefoot in Barcelona" by OPI.

Excuse the bad lightning please, i took the photos in the middle of the night (please don't ask me why, damn you Biological Psychology quiz!). 


I do hope you can see the color, because it's actually pretty hard to snap a proper NOTD picture with one hand "posing" and the other hand holding my heavy DSLR. The color i would describe as taupe, with very little touch of plum (if you do 2 coats instead of one). It is very suitable for girls with medium to dark skintone, although it would do just as beautiful to fair skinned girl, since the color is very neutral.

OPI have a very wide range of color, this one comes from their Spain Edition, i suppose? (that's what comes up in my friend's OPI application for Iphone). The other colors are amazing, and sometimes a bit confusing to choose from, since you may want to have it all! 

If you've ever had an OPI nail lacquer before, you'll know the texture of this baby. They are thinner than cheap nail polishes, BUT they gives out their colors so well even in just one sweep (or should i say coats?). I personally find it enough to do one coat on my nails, but i was so lazy to put any new color, so i just put some more into my nail. And they dry in like what, 3 minutes? If you're doing the second coat, it'll take a bit longer. But one thing for sure, i typed my assignments after 8 minutes of sweeping the first coat of this product, and they still looks fabulous.

Aaaah here comes trouble for us ladies. Seriously, if only OPI were cheaper than they are right now, i would probably have dozens. But as i have told you before, they worth every rupiah spent, you won't ever regret it.  Where can i buy it? Aaah when it comes to nail polishes, me and my sister trusts Joan Corner's Online Shop in Facebook. The owner is very nice, answers most of your questions, very informative, and the package comes just in time. The owner also have Ready Stock items, so you don't have to wait for pre-order stuffs and all. I have searched far and wide, this online shop is so far the one sells cheapest authentic OPI nail polishes. The owner also sells another brand like Nubar, China Glaze Essie, etc also with cheapest price i've found.

If you ever considered to order from Joan Corner, please mention my name. You may not recieve a discount or such, but i have told the owner that i'll be featuring the online shop in my blog. Maybe one day the owner will be my sponsor, we'll never know (i do hope so, though :P)

How about you? What are you wearing on your nails right now? Let me know on the comments box below!


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