Review & Comparison : Pixy Colors of Delight Makeup Remover

Another great products from Indonesia that i think deserves a bit more fame than it does right now. I have mentioned here about my experience in doing stage makeups. 

Stage makeup uses a whole new level kinds of makeup, they are usually very pigmented and opaque, thick and very bold indeed. Sometimes we use special kind of armor makeup for the actress and actors, they are called Theatrical Makeup. Kryolan, Dermablend, and PAC are some of the brands that i usually use in doing stage makeup.

Stage makeup brands usually care more about their durability rather than supplements infused in their products for the sake of the users. Hence, some actor/actress finds themselves having a massive breakouts after a performance. This is exactly where makeup remover interferes and take action to save all the actors and actresses' face from breakouts.

May i present to you: Pixy Colors of Delight Makeup Remover.

What is it?

Membersihkan tata rias mata dan bibir dengan lembut tanpa menyebabkan kulit kering. Diperkaya dengan Vit. E dan pelembab alami untuk menjaga kulit tetap sehat dan cantik.

Gently remove eye and lip makeup without causing skin dryness. Enriched with Vit. E and natural moisturizer to maintain healthy and beautiful skin.


Shake well before use, put into cotton pads, then remove eye and lips makeup.

First Impression:

Okay, the bottle is very small. It was 60 ml, but still, i think it's a bit too small for a makeup remover, or is it just me being greedy? Anyway, i opened the cap and take a whiff (something that i do for almost everything) and caught a subtle floral scents from the product. Would not be overwhelming, but i am not very sensitive to perfumes on cosmetics, so if you do, please check the scent before buying this product.

The liquid inside looks like usual water, but when i take a closer look, there are two liquid with a different consistency in it. Thus you need to shake it well before using this products. 

When i apply this product to my face, i feel a bit tingling sensation, but nothing that can really surprise me in any way. I suspect it contains alcohol because it felt a bit cool to my skin, and my cotton pad soon dries up.

I couldn't ask for a cheaper product. This cost me IDR 7.000 ( 1 $? Never pay attention to currency, duh). But the bottle is quite small, and since it is quite runny, perhaps you have to buy 2 bottles for one month supply.

This is the part where it gets tricky and messy. So i compared the strength of this makeup remover with two other makeup remover products. The first one is "Pure Olive Oil" by Wardah, the second is "White Beauty Cleansing Milk" by Pond's. Both of these products can be used as makeup remover (something that i have been doing these past few years). I did comparisons for Foundation, Eyeshadow, Eyeliner, and Lipstick.

Okay so here we go.

First: Foundation. The foundation comes from Aubeau, which is called "True Cover Foundation" in Natural (02). Swatched it heavily on my hand using my MAC 190 brush.

So, after i swatched the foundation heavily on the back of my hand, i use the three makeup remover one by one, reswatching the foundation in between.

This is how i usually use my makeup remover; i put the products on a cotton pad, press it gently to areas that i want to clean, and gently wiping it in an outward motion. Don't do the swipe motion too much, especially on delicate areas like your eyes and lips. For the sake of this post's comparison, i use the same way to Pixy and Wardah product.

The picture above shows you how Pixy Makeup Remover takes all the foundation, leaving nothing whatsoever behind IN ONE SWIPE. I was like OMG OMG OMG.

Yay, the Olive oil also clean the foundation superbly. But notice how my skin is oily and greasy afterwards? Yeah, i need to wash it after using olive oil.

With Milk Cleanser, i use a different method. Instead of putting the products into the cotton pad, i squirt a pea sized product into my hand, and swirled them with my clean finger, then i take the products out of my hand using cotton pad.

Well, the milk cleanser seems to be working fine. No greasy feeling afterwards, and all the foundation are cleaned away.

Round 1: Foundation

Winner: Pixy Makeup Remover

Part two: Eyeshadow

In this round, i'll swatch a very pigmented red eyeshadow that i just bought the day before i made this review and comparison post. Bought it purposely, since i don't want to waste my current eyeshadow collection just to be removed with these products. I believe any kinds of eyeshadow works the same for the sake of this post, so i bought this red eyeshadow for IDR 5.000. Suprisingly it's very pigmented, even much more pigmented than some of my drugstore eyeshadow such as Revlon or L'oreal. This fact makes me laughing ... sarcastically. -____-"

So for each product, i'll swatch the red eyeshadow heavily, and using the same methods as the previous round, i'll make a comparison out of it.

In one swipe, Pixy tends to spread the color all over the back of my hand. Second swipe took the remaining color, Third swipe, 90% of the color was taken away.

Cleaning eyeshadow using Olive Oil is terrible. The color spread out even more, and the oil clumps the eyeshadow powder, making it harder to clean. Cleaned the whole mess in 5 or 6 swipes, and there was still abit of color left. :(

When i swirl the milk cleanser, i thought, OMG this is going to be a lot messier than olive oil, since the milk cleanser turned red, too. 

But after i clean the milk cleanser with cotton pad, hello! Where are the eyeshadow that was here before?? All of the eyeshadow's pigments are gone, leaving my skin clean, and no greasy feeling. 

P.S : look at that pile of dirty cotton pads on the left, ew.

Round 2: Eyeshadow

Winner: Pond's Milk Cleanser

3'rd round: eyeliner. In this round i'll use two brand of eyeliner; My Darling Eyeliner and NYX Fat Eye Marker, both in black. My Darling Eyeliner will be swatched in (a nearly) square shape, while NYX Fat Eye Marker will be swatched in triangle. 

The methods are just the same as previous rounds. Let's start with Pixy Makeup Remover.

This is done in one swipe, as you can see My Darling Eyeliner is completely cleaned, while the Fat Eye Marker still left some of it's color, but just a bit. Clean it all in the second swipe.

Done with Olive Oil, both My Darling and Fat Eye Marker is still visible. I cleaned the whole thing with the remaining Pixy Makeup Removed pads, since olive oil cannot do it's job cleaning the eyeliners properly.

NYX Fat Eye Marker is still visible after cleaned with milk cleanser, but My Darling Eyeliner is totally gone.

Round 3: Eyeliners

Winner: Pixy Makeup Remover

Bored already? Well, don't be! We'll reveal the Champion after this round; lipstick.

Just like eyeshadow, i don't want to waste my high-end lipstick to be swatched and then removed. Fells like a dumb to do so when there are plenty cheap lipsticks around (also with wonderfully pigmented formula).  Since the lipstick is cheap, it stains. And i picked the most bold red i have ever bought in my life (so far). So, in the times of swatching and comparing these products, i am crossing my fingers hopefully, hoping that the stain would go away, instead of making the back of my hand looking irritated.

Swatched the lipstick into a heart shape, just because i want to. lol

Cleaned with Pixy Makeup Remover, a little stain got left behind on the first swipe, but after second swipe, all good to go!

Olive Oil was a BAD BAD BAD idea. The stain spread all over the back of my hand, and instead of cleaning it, it seemed to be enlarging the colored area. 

Cleaned with milk cleanser, stain didn't spread, but still left stains. Cleaned it all over with the remaining of my Pixy Makeup Remover. 

Round 4: Lipstick

Winner: Guess who? Pixy Again! Oh and she's the champion for this post's review and comparison!

The mess caused by this post. EW.

That's it!! Making this post is totally fun (and exhausting), maybe i'll post a tutorial for the next post. I really love this Pixy Makeup Remover, she cleans most of the remaining products on my hand! Now i can see why my makeup team uses this products all over time.

How about you? What is your favourite Makeup Remover? Tell me in the comment sections below!


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  1. Ah aku juga suka banget sama pixy makeup remover!!
    Bersih banget, dan biasanya aku pake cotton bud buat bersihin eyeliner, tinggal gosok pelan udh ilang eyelinernya, sukaaa!!
    Nice post!! :D

  2. aku jg punya yg Pixi, yg 2 in 1 botol warna ungu.. My fave too! ^^

  3. @Putri Panda: Yup, enak banget pake Pixy ini, makeup stage yang "serem-serem" juga bisa langsung dihapus! :D

    @Ceecile: Wah kok aku gatau ada yang botolnya warna ungu?? Bagusan manaa? Besok beli ah #eh.. hahaha

  4. Pixy emang oke sih kalo buat bersihin eyeshadow n eyeliner..
    Tapi kalo buat bersihin mascara waterproof harus pake usaha dan perihh bgt di mata rasanya..
    But worth for the price lah.. :)

  5. @Ephong : hahaha kalo aku sih diemin aja dulu kapasnya sambil tutup mata, biasanya keapus juga loh :)

    Thanks for visiting!!


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