My Second Time Being a MUA

As i've told you before, i am one of the makeup team for Teater Psikologi UI aka TEKO UI for their latest performance, Pentas Seni Besar Teko UI or PENSIBES for short. I've mentioned it before in here. 

Being a Make Up Artist for a theatrical play is a bit different for me rather than being a MUA for a photoshoot (something which i have been doing so many times, i stopped counting #sigh). The makeup should be bold, exaggerated in shading and contouring, streaking blushes, huge lips, massive lashes, big brows, thick foundation, overly highlighted nose bridges, you name it!

Being a MUA for a theatrical play is also a bit tricky since you're putting on makeup based on a concept, a script, a character that needs to be revealed from within the person. I have to stick with some raw concepts and yet i have to develop those raw concepts into a solid and concrete state of art on someone's face. The concept may be easy to be done, but putting makeup on someone's face is not the same as putting colors on a sheet of paper or draw a fine, thin line on a canvass. You also need to consider his/her face shape, and deal with them. It may sounds hard (believe me, it is a bit confusing in the beginning) but i enjoy all the process. 

Alas, being so busy doing makeups for i don't know how many people, i can't take a proper before and after pictures :(

I keep putting foundation on someone's face, fixing someone's fake lashes, contouring one's nose, putting thick layer of blushes on other's cheeks, it's overwhelming. BUT, the results awe me, especially when one of the actor said that he looked gorgeous (something that rarely happened under a thick layer of makeup) that day and decided that i should be his MUA for the next play (that's me being proud :P).

Anyway i have captured some photos of the show and after the show on my DSLR, check it out!

The show was SUPERB, the casts were awesome, and i wish you could see the props!! They were ah-mazing, brings all the audience to a remote village, and oh, i am so in love with the soundtrack and music ambience. They may be amateur actress and actors, but i really do hope that they become big stars in the future (with me as their MUA fufufu).

Few of them above are my friends and seniors, but i am saying all the good things not because i know them, merely because i am an art enthusiast, and any form or kinds of art, i should be able to judge it objectively, no? 

Here are the after show photos, including people that i did makeups;

Pssst.. She's the main character! :)

SHE's the Pak RT. Yes, SHE was.

The Casts


All in all, it was a very hectic day, but in a good way. Do you know that feeling when you run out of energy but yet you regret nothing that you've done that day? Yes, exactly that kind of feeling. 

I do take offer to do makeups for you. Contact me on my email We'll arrange something later, laa ;)

Have you ever did makeup on someone else? Tell me your experience!


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  1. wahhh makeup nya bagus buat pentas seni ky gt :D *salut*


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