A Giveaway by Yevi Ng


A circle lens giveaway is hosted by Yevi Ng, the owner of this blog. First time joining such thing as a giveaway, not sure what to do, but thank God she made it clear of what i should do. 

One thing that took me by surprise is the fact that she hosted this giveaway by herself, meaning that she, with her own money, buy all that circle lenses and she gives it away for FREE. :O

I mean that was so generous of her, la! If i were you, Yevi, i would keep those lenses for myself, never letting it go, lol. (me, being stubborn and greddy and money-oriented).

If i was asked which circle lens that i want, i would say the blue ones! Patterns does not really matter for me, i really crave for some blue lenses

Have you join this giveaway? If you do, i wish you good luck. :D

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