What Happened to Me This Week


*Warning, this post contains a lot of pictures*

This week i should say is the most hectic week i have ever encountered (so far) in my life. I am running out of energy, and here i am writing this post at 11 p.m. instead of sleeping, sneak some chances of surviving.

What really happened this week? To start, Sunday 22nd April 2012 i hung out with my close friends. One of my friend, Patricia is coming to town from Kalimantan, and we all agree to meet up before she's heading back to Kalimantan.

Grace, Eva and Patricia

Eva, Patricia and Me

This is a proof that i am pretty even in candid pics #selfpat

It was very fun, very girly, and we did a lot of camwhoring (tsk, girls..) for the day and after that we say goodbye to each other, especially to Patricia since she's heading back to Kalimantan :(

We have been a good friends since high school and well what can i say, high school friends have a certain place in your heart, don't you think?

After high school we are separated by our choices of college. Me and Grace enrolled in University of Indonesia, Eva to UKI, and Patricia to UNMUL. 

Among friends that i have made (so far), these gals are the best people that i truly favorite all the time.

Saturday, 28th April 2012 was a HUGE day for me, since i joined a national competition named "Safiel Ballroom Dance Competition". Oh yes, i do ballroom dancing and i quite enjoy it so far.

We have prepared this event for a very long time and what can i say, it really pays off! All the weekly trainings are really worth the pain.

Me and Hanif

Thanks Ka Bimo for this, forgive the face please

Me and Ira

Me and Grace
Me and Ira in the dressing room

Group Photos!!
Forgive the provocative pose

Me, still pretty even in no camera-ready pose #selfpat

Want to know the result? I WON! The sixth place out of like 30 or 20 people i guess? Really grateful that day.


6th place baby uhyeah

I did two line dances, in almost the same time wtf. It was so exhausting, my leg feels like it came come off anytime soon and i need sleep badly, but the competition atmosphere and adrenaline in my blood didn't allow me to.

By the way if you guys are wondering how i did my makeup, let me know, so i'll make a tutorial post for it.

Sunday, 29th April 2012 was also a big day because i am one of the team makeup for "Pentas Seni Besar TEKO UI".

Teko UI stands for Teater Psikologi Universitas Indonesia, and i am so lucky to be one of their makeup team. I am going to post about this in a separate post, though :)

How about you? What have you been doing this past week?

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  1. Seru banget... +_+ belajar ballroom dance dimana? pengen deh..

  2. aku ikut klub ballroom dance dari kampus, tapi masih pemula nih, baru join sekitar 1 tahun hehehe. di jakarta banyak kok dance studio, tapi mahal session nya huhuhu


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