Review: Dallas Blush On by Benefit

Today i'm going to review Dallas Blush On by Benefit, which by the way got a 4,2 average rating in Makeupalley. So here's the product!

The description in the package goes like this:

  For a natural, fresh glow lightly sweep this dusty sunset plum powder across cheekbones and chin, or anywhere you want looks to linger (avoid eye area).

You can see the ingredients are more or less the same like any other blush, not that i would care anyway. But seriously, if i have to analyze every tiny bit of ingredients used in a beauty product, that would take me what, 3 weeks to buy a blush on? Maybe it'll take a whole year to decide whether or not i should buy a 120 color eye shadow palette. 

The funny thing was, the ingredients listed Fragrance (parfum) in it, and i can't smell anything in this blush on. I even got blush on on my nose for smelling too close to the products, and even that didn't get me a whiff of anything. Being a stubborn child that i am, i insisted other people to smell the blush on while saying "Smell this! Did you smell something? Because i swear to God, i don't." That's me being stubborn.

But seriously, no fragrance at all? (still being stubborn).



This blush on comes in a box, a little bit smaller than i thought it would be, but my oh my, this dude lasts forever. When you open the box (by easily sliding it up) you'll find a brush on top and a clear plastic container to separate the brush and the blush

 I usually don't even bother using the brush that comes with any kinds of products (they always turns out to be crappy), but this time i took my chances and turns out, the blush is so soft, and perfect for contouring your cheek.

What i dislike about the packaging is the carton box that easily gets dirty, and i don't feel like taking it around in my purse. Although i should admit that the picture in the box is suitable for the color.


I would describe the color as brown, with a hint of .... plum? I would say purple though, but not that it would give you the newly-bruised face. Well yeah i guess it's plum, then. -__-"

The color is so multi-functional. You need to contour your cheek? Go ahead use this. Need a traditional blush just to give some color to the cheek? It's fine, go ahead sweep this on your cheekbones. Want a fake tan? Take the biggest blush you can get and swirl it all over your face.

The color is also build-able, so you can get a sheer to the most streaking color that you wish on your cheeks. You don't need to apply too much products, though. This dude is super pigmented.


For a blush on, this dude stays for quite a long time, and i don't feel the need to do touch-ups at all. A good thing, since i don't want to carry around the carton box.


Too lazy to take a proper swatch picture, but here you go. Left; swatched once, middle; swatched twice, right; swatched heavily.

 I did not use any kinds of base before swatching the product. 

Any fair warning beforehand?

I find this blush on to be so powdery. I sweep my blush brush once, and get so much products on it. Tap off your brush to knock of the excess of the products before applying it to your face. Again, it's better to give more than to take out.

Have you try this products? Tell me what you think! 

Hope this post helps you in anyway possible ;)


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  1. Nice review! Too bad Benefit's too ex :( have been wanting Hoola or 10 for long tho -_-

  2. yes they are, but i think it's worth every rupiah spent, darling. ;)
    personally, aku cuma punya sedikit sekali makeup dari benefit hehehe


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