Review: Cha Cha Tint

I wouldn't really call this as a review. I mean, most of people do reviews on things that are newly released, highly in the rave, or something really really rare that acquiring such product is next to impossible.

This time i'm going to review Cha Cha Tint by Benefit, and this baby is not a new product. But since i love it, and i actually have nothing else to post, and it's been a week since my last post here, i decided to review this babe.

So, we got the Cha Cha Tint, and it's a mango-tinted lip and cheek stain. The description in the packaging goes like this:

The juiciest flush you can get from a bottle! Our mango-tinted lip & cheek stain smoothes on a whisper of warm tropical sunset hue. It's beauty with a chacha beat! 

For the record, i am not a pink-person. I do not wear pink things, at least not purposely. This rules also applies to blush on, which i prefer to be in coral. And i HEART this product, i mean i can't even express enough how i love it, and it keeps me wondering where the hell have i been, and how can i live without this baby. *Exaggerated phrases detected*


This product comes with a nail polish type of brush, which if we think about it, may build up bacteria and dirt  *shudders*
Fair warning, this baby sinks right through your skin in like what, 3 seconds? If you're not quick enough, it'll leave you with a big splotch of color, which is not pretty. A little tip: place the product in your finger, not directly on your cheek, then rub it on. This way you can also control the amount of product that you'll use.


As you can see, the texture is a bit firmer, i should say less runny than her well known sister Benetint. But worry not because this product will leave you with the feelings of wearing nothing. Perfect for daily use.


In the matter of color, i can't really put a comment, for the word "mango" would be more like a yellow colored rather than coral. Or should this baby called peach? Meh.. Anyway you call it, it's very good for almost every skin tone, i should say. And if applied in the right way, you can get a sheer color but yet somehow noticeable and maybe they should add the description as a "Sexy in-a-bottle" because it really is.


When it comes to durability, i would say this baby ROCKS!! It's sweat-proof, smudge-proof, i even swim with this baby on, and still got the flush after 3 hour swim. I use it daily, like really can't leave my room without it, and still can see the color after a whole day of reading psychology books and studying cases *here comes the big complaint*


Would i repurchase this product? YES. As long as i live, or at least until i find something better which i highly doubt i will. I actually thinking about buying this product in big massive amount, and keeps them, in case they discontinue it.

How Much?

 I bought it online for 300 IDR, is suppose.

Any fair warning beforehand?

Since this product is water-based, please do not use this on top of your cream foundation, it'll cause a lot of mess. Please stick with regular blush on instead. And do use your light hand, and start off with very little product, because it is build-able. It's easier to add than to take out, no? :  )

How about you? Would you buy this product? Tell me what you think!

Hope this post helps you in anyway possible :)


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  1. The product looks good! :D Haha.
    Talk about lip & cheek tint, me myself prefer the one from 100% Pure. Yeah, it's all natural and made from fruit pigments, but not only that, it stays quitely nice on cheeks (why not on lip? Cause I drink & eat often! LOL), thought I have a little wrong shade, but it's still very tolerable. But for the texture, I would choose a more liquidy one like this Cha Cha, but I concern more in ingredients, so... ;)

    Anyway, nice to see your blog. I like the layout, those fonts, and your photos. XD Really!

  2. Hello dear thank you for being the first one to put up a comment :D
    100% pure is all natural and made from fruit pigments?? I should totally check that one out! And yes, i thought so too about putting tint on lips! Something in my head tells me i shouldn't put tints in my lip hahaha

    Going to check your blog! : )

  3. wow, i thought that was a nail polish
    *lil bit sleepy* *not read the title* *slapped*
    i do really want to try some lip tint, but i'm afraid the lip tint will dry my lips >.<
    is it ok on your lips? my lips are quite dry sometimes

    anyway, come and see my blog if u have time <3
    i really2 love your blog xD


  4. Hello there! Yeah it does looks like a nail polish, right? My niece use it in her nails once, and she said "Auntie why won't it dry like mommy's?" -__-"

    I don't really recommend this for dry lips, you better stick to lipbalm instead. Personally, i only use this for my cheeks. I've been using NYX Tinted Lip Spa for a while, maybe i'll post a review later.

    Thanks, and i'll be sure to check your blog!

  5. hi dear, i love your review! been thinking about getting this after i read your review. ah *slap myself* i am also being a sucker for any coral or peach blush! and it stays put after you swim? wow. good point you mention there :) oya, I'm also new in this blog thingy thing. Mind you checking my blog as well? hehe. keep blogging, girl! :)

  6. Aww thank you! Yeah it stays on and on, although i should say the color was not as vibrant as before swim, but you can still see it.

    Going to check your blog. thanks for visiting :D


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