Daily Life of Kimberley the Siberian Husky


As you can see from the post's title, this is NOT a beauty nor a product-review post. And don't even think about me putting makeup on a dog, let alone a Siberian Husky *duh*.

Without further ado, meet Kimberley!! 

Kill it, dude.. I'm trying to sleep.
SHE is a 2-month-old Siberian Husky, my sister bought her and all of my family member suddenly fell in love with her. What can i say, she does stole our heart at first glance.

The I'm-not-interested face

You talkin' to meh?

*sniff sniff*

My sister does some kind of potty-training for her, so that she'll pee and poo ONLY in the toilet. This thing is both awesome and creepy at the same time. And this conversation somehow occurs:

Me: Dogs can actually do that?? They can actually pee and poo in the toilet??
X: Yeah, if you train them well enough, they'll go to toilet on their own.
Me: Well that's creepy!
X: I think it's awesome! Which part of it is creepy, anyway??
Me: Dude, imagine you're in a hurry to do-your-thing in the toilet and then there she was, sitting in the toilet, reading my March issue of "Hello!" magazine, and then you have to wait for your turn, because she is not done yet. That is creepy!!
X: .............. Get off, dude you're weird.

I really think i've got the point though, and i still think it's a bit creepy. 

How about you? Do you have a dog? If you do, did you do potty training for them?
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  1. ooooohhh hi kimerleyyyy (^____^)
    i love dogs >,< wahhh.. kalo potty training ke toilet.. toiletnya mending di toilet yang jongkok ya?
    aku jg pgn training doggy ku biar bs pee n poo di toilet sih tp baunya itu loh ga nahan *_*
    (kcuali klo si doggy flush toilet sndiri :P wkwk)

    mind to visit my blog? ^^

  2. Ada alat bantunya kaya spray gitu kok untuk potty training. Kalau dimulai dari kecil lebih bagus hehehe

    Already visit and follow your blog! :)


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