A Shy "Hello.."


Well, this is embarassing..
I've had like 3 or 2 blogs before, none of them survived the hard and mean world of blogging. Cause of death; lack of time and total ignorance from the writer (read: me).

What makes me decide to do blogging after all these times? First, i am exactly that kind of person who loves talking about themselves, about how precious, how brilliant, how genius i am. Yes i am selfish, spoiled, self-centered, so forth. But being so self-centered that i am, i don't really want to harass people by telling them stories about myself, unless they really want to. You see, i'm not that self-centered after all.

It's not that i never had someone worth telling stories to, or someone who really cares and want to listen to my stories, but as time goes by, i realize that these people sometimes JUDGE my stories. They don't sincerely just listen. And most of all the time,the rest of them is just too careless to listen. Especially when they don't have the slightest idea about what you're talking about. Geez, now i sound so desperate (sigh).

But really, finding someone who really listen to ALL (and when i say all i mean ALL of them) your stories is impossible, unless you had a twin sibling and you spent every minute of your time together which by the way does not guarantee the similarity in your interest and personality near 100%.

Another thing is that my friends always asking me to write a blog, particularly a blog of beauty and makeup. I do have a keen interest in makeup world, but i usually keep it to myself and some close relatives. I've had three or four make-over requests and i could say that they turned out pretty good. These results encourages me to write a beauty blog, but i won't really over-predict and say it's going to be a beauty blog, talks ONLY about makeup and all. I'll post about other things, too.

That is why i am writing blog (again), added by the fact that i can't keep a hand-written journal/diary because i simply can't keep them! I'll lose it somehow, it was like them journals and diaries were afraid of me, and somehow found ways to escape from my hideous handwriting (if that was the case then i can't blame them). So if you're reading this oh my long-lost journals and diaries, i hope you have found someone who writes you with a Times New Roman font, instead of my Wingdings.

So i'm just hoping that this blog is going to somehow survive, unlike any other blogs i have previously.


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